Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Services allow us to perform work from our location instead of physically working at a client’s office.  Above is a picture of KIS-Strategies Main Office. (Terri’s office…)  

Meetings are normally done via virtual resources. Although occasionally, I will travel to a customer’s location. My laptop travels with me and I love what I do!

Not a problem!  We are here to help. 

We work with QuickBooks Online and Xero on a daily basis.  Online software allows you as the business owner and myself to access live data 100% of the time. 

Absolutely! We do behind the scenes integration and set-up with multiple products. 

Have no fear, I am well versed in Microsoft products, (specifically Microsoft excel).  During our consultation I can explain how we can get you to where you need to be.

I have an office that is located in my home in Ohio and 95% of what I and a few trusted part-time assistants do is done through on line software. 

Yes we are insured.  During our on-boarding process every client is provided with a Certificate of Insurance. 

It Varies… We build the plan to suit your business.  There is not a hard and fast rule, as every business is unique and  has its own set of challenges.  Generally, our pricing for standard monthly services and reporting packages, includes software and starts at $350 per month. 

I will again throw out the disclaimer that every client is unique, so call us for a consultation and we will look at your unique circumstance.  

No we do not file income tax returns.  We will set you up with a discounted referral or if you have a current CPA firm we will work with them.  Either way you go, we will provide all the necessary information to calculate your taxes and your estimated tax payments.   

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We know that financial and time management challenges each business faces are unique.  We build a plan to suit your needs.